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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Memories: 19/04

Assalamualaikum and hello fellows!

I've decide to active blogging again. I missed that time when I was active blogging and I get new friends especially bloggers. I hope I can make new friends through blogging. Please be my friend :)

Okay, today Kinah (my best friend) and I went to TGV Cinema to watch English cartoon movie, Home. Since we're unofficially turn 18 this year and we still act childish and we think we still young as a kid so that why we watched that movie. I do really love "Oh"character. He's so cute omg and funny ughhh~! If and only I can have he as my pet. LOL.

After movie, we went to mosque where located in the shopping mall and we performed solat Zohor. Then we having lunch at Wendy's. My treats. Huhuhuhu~ After that we went home.

Movie tickets. Kinah's treat. Thank you, girl!

 Wendy's pasta and spicy chicken fried as lunch.

 My comrade.

 I bought Thor doll. Gonna collecting this special edition of Avengers doll soon. I supposedly bought Hulk doll yesterday cause' I watched Furious 7 (for second times) in TGV Cinema. Heol! 

Will be one of my favorite repertoire since today.

 The first Avengers hero doll is Hulk while the second hero is Thor. Next week is Avengers and another two dolls of Avenger heroes will be released, Captain America and Iron Man. I want Iron Man doll so badly! Robert Downey Jr. is my bae~

Even though now I got driving license and I have a car to drive but my mom still be my driver whenever I went out with friends. HAHAHAHA~ I've lose my confidence. Hmph. 


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  1. omo that little Thor is a cutie!! i wonder if I can go and watch it tonight lol.. this weekend is going to be a very busy wekeend for me XD