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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Notebook— Imagine

Assalamualaikum and hello guys!

Every Muslim around the world will start fasting tomorrow. So tonight tarawih will begin and every mosque will packed as sardines. It always happen early of the ramadhan and a week before ramadhan ends, it will only have a few people who perform tarawih in mosque. Tradition in Malaysia, I guess.. Hmph. I hope by fasting in ramadhan month will upgrade my iman. If Allah wills. So, happy fasting to everyone! May this ramadhan will be greater than last ramadhan..

Because tomorrow ramadhan begin and #ramadhansketchchallenge2015 is back (organized by @KLsketchnation). I never join any challenge before this because I know I'll do this things only half way. LOL. But I would like to try this challenge. And guess what? I just went home from bookstore to buy new notebook a.k.a sketch book for this challenge. HAHAHA. Can you see it how excited I am to join this kind of sketch challenge. I hope I could make 30 sketches within this ramadhan. Ameen.

 I never know that behind the skin has a quote. 

Bought new pen for sketch too! 



  1. what a nice quotes.. Imagine !! :)

  2. Do update later on the #ramadhansketchchallenge2015 . :DD