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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wedding: 30/05

Assalamualaikum and hello guys!

Last week was busy week for me. My best friend asked me to help her. Be a camera-girl for her aunt's wedding. Since I don't have an expensive camera and lenses so at first I don't want to help her. But... she is my friend. I mean, best friend. How could I say "NO" to her. Finally I photographed her aunt's solemnization and wedding reception.

Although I just used Nikon D3100 and Kitlens 15-80mm, but I think I managed to get good photos. Yeah I know I couldn't make good bokeh by using D3100, but it's okay. As long as I'm happy with what I photograph, it's enough for me. LOL. Sorry, I'm an amateur in this field so excuse me if my photos are bad. Sobs ;__;

I would like to thank my friend who are an amazing photographer, @munaphotography for gave me some tips about wedding photography. Come on! Go check her site and hire her for your events. She will give you good price.

Here, some photos that I've photographed.


p/s: Because I don't have Speedlight, so most of my photos will be shaky. Hmph. I hate it!


  1. I am still an amateur photographer but I found your pictures as well-taken :) I don't know if this tip is helpful but if you're using manual setting, you can decrease the potential getting shaky pictures by choosing the right shutter speed. I am still learning from a friend who's a professional photographer as well (like your friend, Muna) so I think maybe she taught you about that as well. Hehe.

    It's good to see you able to take wedding pictures, I am more to event photographer (Kpop events) so my settings are pretty different and I use different lenses as well. But I see your potential as a photographer so keep it up! Btw, did you edit your picture using Lightroom VSCO presets?

    1. Thank you for your tips about choosing the right shutter speed. Hehe.
      Yeah, Most of my photos were edited by Lightroom VSCO presets (VSCOfilm).

    2. Like Fai below, I am waiting for your setting tutorial and whatnot hehe. It must be fun to take pictures leisurely. Kpop events are very rushed and all the time, I barely have time to change the settings mid-event or to enjoy the show. All I can remember is the shutter sound :(

  2. I have to agree with anon. I usually take photos of K-Pop event, and when I received my first wedding photography job, it took me a few days to learn and practise first and I found it challenging! Especially because I am a total photography newbie T_T But my sisters (who are the pro in photography) also told me that shutterspeed really helps because it is hard to fix shaky photos rather than darken or overexposed photos... do share a tips or two on your blog so I can learn more!

    1. It even took a week for me to learn back the basic about photography (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture) especially for this wedding. Quite nervous. Hmph. Hahahaha. Insha Allah, if I have useful tips about photography, I will share it in this blog :)