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Friday, July 10, 2015

Memories: 09/07


It has been almost a month I didn't update new entry. I am sorry because lately I'm quite busy with my new life. Hectic days and I just entering new phase of my life that changing my lifestyle. New environments and new peoples. I will share it later once I received my student card. Lol.

Okay, yesterday my school (yes, now I am student!) had Iftar Jamaie. We iftar and perform salah maghrib, isya' and tarawih together. It's fun for me because I could be close with my new classmates and teachers. Before we went home, we selfies like crazy peoples! They were selfie-ing and posing like a model by using my camera. Hehe.

Today is the last Friday in Ramadhan before we celebrate Eid Mubarak next Friday. I will always missing fasting in Ramadhan  :')

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