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Friday, September 13, 2019

Practicum Journey in High Court of Ipoh

Greetings to all!

New semester has just started and finally I feel relieved and can rest for a while. It is because the orientation week for new intake students had over. It means no more of UUM Minggu Suai Kenal 2019/2020. I'm one of the facilitator for that biggest event and it was superb tiring and exhausting for me. I'm dead inside.

Okay for today, I feel like want to do some throwbacks and reminds of good times during the previous semester break. I've gone through 4 weeks of Practicum I in High Court of Ipoh and it such a golden opportunity that I had in year 2019. What I mean-- not everyone can have a chance to sit beside of Lord Judge during case management in chamber and ask directly whatever that you don't understand on some matters, right?

During 4 weeks of practicum, I spent precious time with friends from other universities like IIUM, UKM, UITM, UNISZA and etc. I was a great experience to get known each other. I made new friends and they're so lovely! OMG I missed them already :')

Things that I do during practicum times were-- every morning I will enter chamber room of Lord Judge to observe case management between lawyers and how they try to settle their disputes without having trial. Most of the times, I will enter Senior Assistant Registrars' room to observe cases regarding bankruptcy, probate and letter of administration and etc. After lunch break, I will enter open court to follow up some cases trial and judgements. Sometimes I will wandering around the court and their library to read some law books. If there's no criminal trials (I'm such a particular person! I will choose to hear criminal case trial rather than civil case trial LOL!!), I will go to the Ipoh Sessions/ Magistrate Court across the street of High Court of Ipoh to observe remand process and etc. Other than that, I took a chance to read the real file cases that took place in High Court of Ipoh. 

4 weeks of practicum in court aren't enough to be honest for me although sometimes I feel bored because there's not much of works to do but I  hope when I do my Practicum II in law firm next year, I can learn more things and do some field work to set up the documents. I pray to God that someday I can serve before the Lord Judge in High Court of Ipoh as a lawyer. Insya Allah.

Thank you to Lord Judge YA Dato' Mohd. Radzi, YA Tuan Anselm, YA Dato' Hashim, Puan Zulyana, Tuan Hafiizh, Puan Geetha, the public prosecutors, senior lawyers, bailiffs, staffs & etc for those who helping me through out my practicum days in High Court of Ipoh. May God repay your kindness!

p/s: I want to post photos with Lord Judge but I'm worried that it will be kind of confidential, so please enjoy looking at photos of my friends and I. Hehe! :)

First day in court v last day in court. No more skirt and file! 
I brought Baby Brown Bear and wore pants :p

UUM students with Site Supervisor, Encik Firdaus.  

It such an adventure day for me when the staff brought us to the old underground tunnel + prison and went to the rooftop when I was wearing skirt on that day fml! 
That was first photo with new friends from other universities.
My friend's last day in court v UUM student's last day in court.
Our first luncheon together v our first and last mock trial in court. 
Thank you so much to Puan Zulyana and Tuan Hafiizh for the guides!

Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Art Geeks: Leonardo da Vinci: Opera Omnia Art Exhibition

Greetings to all!

I think I'm back for real (let's pray that my enthusiasm will last longer). It has been more than a year I last updating my blog with new entry. Currently I am having semester breaks for about three months and gotta be third year student this upcoming September yayyy! Be one of the visitors for art exhibition Leonardo da Vinci that was held at National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur was one of the activities that I did during semester breaks. 

Went to Kuala Lumpur on 9th August as my family got matters to do there and I took the chance to visit National Art Gallery for the sake of Leonardo da Vinci art exhibition. I'm not going to lie but I was squealing in excitement because it was my first time experiencing a very spectacular-popular-international art exhibition. Usually I went to see local artists art exhibitions but this time I got a chance to see the fucking Leonardo da Vinci's artworks! *screaming in silence*

The Leonardo da Vinci: Opera Omnia traveling art exhibition is a part of series of events around the world to celebrate the life of Leonardo da Vinci and to commemorate the 500th year since his death in 1519. The curator of this exhibition was Prof. Antonio Paolucci. Some of the artworks that have been exhibited were the famous Mona Lisa portrait, The Last Supper, Lady With an Ermine, Head of Women and others. My favourite artworks of him is The Annunciation, The Last Supper and Mona Lisa.

Besides that, I enjoyed to see other local art exhibitions such as The Merdeka: A Collection of Dato' Yap Lim Sen, The Young Contemporaries (BMS) and Pause... A Collective Consciousness. Just by looking at those creative artworks, my brain starts to spark new ideas and I feel so grateful for that. How they can think and get such creative, unique, breathtaking ideas to create and design artworks? I always amazed with people who are artistic and visionary!

 Mona Lisa & The Annunciation
 Lady with an Ermine

 My favourite artworks so far from local artists!

That's all.
Thank you for reading! :)