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A dreamer who lives in her own fantasy with her imagination of arts. 
Wishing to travel around the world in the future while sipping a cup of coffee. 
Documenting her life as time will go fast and forever will be the past.

A Dreamer
She is Raihanah binti Ariff and mostly known as Han. 21 years old in September. Currently live in Malaysia. She loves to travel and explore new places and things because she believes that "you only live once". Raihanah also love to collect and read books. She's keen on making arts like painting. Lastly, she likes to document her life with the camera because photography also is her passion. 

The Blog
Raihanah has been blogging since 2009. She started writing the blog by using her old blog and still active, bluelolipophana.blogspot.com, but now that blog has been a tutorial blog. So, now she active blogging using this journal blog which contains about her lifestyle, travel, fashion, DIY, and recipes. She likes to share everything that she has with her readers/ followers. She tries her best to write the blog in English because English isn't her first language. So excuse her for her grammatic error and broken English.

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