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Friday, August 29, 2014

Review: Desiderata Magazine

As long as I have a want, I have a reason for living. Satisfaction is death. — George Bernard Shaw


It such as a long time I did not updating this journal site. Well, lately I was quite busy with exams and whatsoever. Okay, I was received my parcel last three days. It was Desiderata magazines. I spent my own money to buy these local magazines. For me these magazines quite expensive— as a high school student. But because of my desires towards arts, foods and travels were so— daebak! So, I don't even care if I need to spend my own money. It wasn't a big problem if we sacrifice something for our satisfaction?

I couldn't waiting for another new local magazines that will be publish soon. It is Odd One Out Magazines. As I know, the magazines are about people. How you describe people from another side? For me people is homosapiens who have desire, feeling and passion towards something. 

For more information,
address; 3A-7, D6 @ Sentul East,
801, Jalan Sentul
51100 Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

Instagram: @desiderata_mag
Facebook: Desiderata Magazine
Twitter: @desideratamag

Ooyeah! If you're Perak-ian and you wants to buy this magazines, just visit Khizanat, Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar..