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Saturday, March 24, 2018

23/03: Golf Clinic in UUM

real grass vs grass mat

Assalamualaikum and hello guys!

I'm back after my last entry. Okay, today I'm gonna share my experiences that I've gained during Golf Clinic in Universiti Utara Malaysia [read: yesterday]. Actually this is soooo last minute plan when I decided to join the clinic this weekend (eventhough I feel like want to sleep the whole day in the weekend). But then, I feel like this is the great opportunity for me to try and explore new thing. Another reason why I wanna join this golf clinic because I don't get a chance to have golf sport as my Ko K. This is because I wrote down golf at the second choice and art at the first place. And then, I was selected to be in art group for Ko K and lost the opportunity to learn more about golf in Ko K.  Sobs. Pity me! :')

I think this golf clinic such a good idea and the registration fee so cheap, like-- you pay RM10 and you will get merit, certificate and experiences playing golf.  I've learnt about the type of the golf club and every golfer needs to have at least 14 and below golf clubs that consist of hybrid, putter, woods and irons. See yaaa~ I even remember the name of the golf clubs! LOL.

For me, the hardest part in playing golf was when I need to practice puttering the ball. It's because I need to rest/ lock my wrists and let my shoulder swings the putter. It looks like it's easy to putter the ball but-- nayyy! But, alhamdulillah I managed to score some goals in putter session. Yayyyy! 

 my first score in putter session

 the instructor teaches me how to hold the golf club in a right way

 some of the instructors who teach me playing golf

 a random golfer who practice puttering the golf ball

 one of the hardest part when I can't swing the golf club at the high position

new friend 

 the end of the program

Thank you for reading.
p/s: please pray for my "late step-grandpa", he just passed away yesterday evening. Al-fatihah :'(

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

02/03: Law School Family Day

 Assalamualaikum and hello guys!

It has been such a long time I didn't update new post. Sorry, but lately I am so busy and I even can't manage my time properly. Seem I have started my second semester as degree student in Universiti Utara Malaysia, so my proper life before this has been distracted by a lot of programs, assignments and other things. 

On 2nd March 2018, my colleagues and I have organized such a big program in my school which was Family Day of Law School. Oh yeah, by the way, I am a LLB student and I still can't believe that I will pursue my studies in Law. Okay, back to the story, I am a committee of Publicity Bureau and to be honest I'm sick of being committee in Publicity Bureau because in last semester, I've been in Publicity Bureau too but in other programs. So, I hope in the future, I can be committee for other bureau. Oh yeah, my posters for Family Day program has been rejected for 3 times and at the end, they use other student's poster. To be honest, I am kinda sad but heyy-- that's make me strong!

Alhamdulillah, we managed to conduct such a big program like this properly and seniors were happy about it! There's a lot of outdoor games and I can't joined them because I need to record, make live in Instagram and photograph the program through out the day. So sad! I wish next Family Day, I can play the games. 

There were two session of Family Day. The first session was in the morning, where they played outdoor activities. For the second session, we continued our program after maghrib. Oh yeah, the theme for this time Family Day of Law School was SUPERHEROES and I'm in the team of Iron Man. Yeayyyyy Iron Man for life!

 We had fun together!

 I am 18th Gen of LLB student in UUM. 
Thank you Danial for this picture, at least I have a photo of me U__U

 From the first year till the fourth year of the LLB students.

First year students and the committees of the program. 

 Second session of the program.

 Even though I'm a publicity bureau, but I also helped with the decorations for the second session.

Me with the decoration team for the second session of Family Day Law School.

my first design of the poster for this program. Rejected! 

 second design of poster for this program. Rejected!

 last design of the program. Rejected!
I need to practice and study more about the design and animation.

Okay. Got to go now. I have class after this. Insya Allah, I will update new story in the future. 
Thank you for reading :)