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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Experiment: Astrophotography

Assalamualaikum and hello guys!

Sorry for not updating any new entry. I am so busy since the first day of semester 2 had started! I just want to share what I did last night--- an experiment of photography. I really admiring @neollene and others photographer who manage to shoot such a beautiful night/ skies/ nature phenomenon. Neollene Ain is the best photographer, videographer and traveler that I ever know through instagram that can do astrophotography really well! When she captured photos of night sky--- it's really mesmerizing me. 

Then, my blogger friend, @hanizhd has done this kind of experiment and her results so amazing! That's why I encouraged myself to do this experiment-- an astrophotography. This is my first time, so pardon my bad astrophotography photos. Hahaha. Luckily, last night was such a beautiful night with the presence of brightest stars and a moon. Indeed, Allah SWT is the best creature who can create such a wonderful nature! I've tried my best to reduce the noise on these photos but it didn't really worked. Hmmm~ I need to keep practice on capturing astrophotography photos. 

Sorry for the broken English.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

#StarvedSaturdays: Friday Night!

Assalamualaikum and hello guys.

First of all, happy new year! Let year 2016 will be much better than 2015. Create sweet memories with your family and friends. Cherish your life and always think positive!

Okay. As I told before in my previous entry. I have a lot projects to be done in 2016 and one of it is #StarvedSaturdays. This project is for blog. I would post foods/ cafes review every Saturdays in this blog. 

Yesterday, my siblings and I were had a dinner at Secret Recipe because cafes that we want to go was packed with homosapiens! So, we decided to eat at Secret Recipe nearby with that cafes. Hmm. I want to eat Fish & Chips at first but meal that I ordered was out of stock. Then, I ordered Golden Crispy Chicken. While my brother ordered Grilled Black Pepper Chicken and my little sister ordered Vegetarian Fried Rice & Satay

While waiting my foods arrived, I read Kinfolk magazines.

My brother's food.

Golden Crispy Chicken.

People nowadays like to capture photos before eat their foods.

p/s: I just watched Dilwale and the English subtitles sometimes didn't appear and me just like― you think I know your language?! Lol.

Sorry for my broken English.