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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Advertorial: Tudung Terkini From Sugarscarf

*excuse me for my ugly hand and my bad drawing of hijabistas who wear Sugarscarf shawl/ hijab*

Assalamualaikum and hello guys!

Okay. Today I have good news to all hijabistas out there! Malaysia's top brand of hijabs, Sugarscarf has just released new collection of 'tudung terkini from Sugarscarf'. Sugarscarf's repertoire now available at Zalora Malaysia's website. So, hurry up and checking out for their latest arrivals there!

It can be seen that there are an increasing amount of wide selection of hijab terkini from Sugarscarf on their virtual store. Sugarscarf is the one brand that you might consider to get because their collections of hijabs have been the favourites among celebrities and hijabista in Malaysia. They have been getting amazing and positive reviews from customers because of the quality hijab they offer which eventually brings them to fame. Not only that, Sugarscarf hijab and shawls are also affordable for women to add into their fashion closet at home.

Their line of products even receives good reviews from fashion critics due to its stylish designs. Sugarscarf’s trendy designs allow women of all age to style it with ease. 

Since the Raya season is around the corner in only a few months, get the latest Sugarscarf shawl for this year’s Hari Raya and show it off in front of others. Sugarscarf shawl from the newest collection would be a good choice to be paired with your favourite baju kurung. Glam up your look by pairing Sugarscarf plain shawl with your baju raya, a pair of nice heels and finish the look with a luxury handbag. Trust me, you will look stylish than ever and make your Hari Raya this year a memorable one!

Let’s some of my favourite looks, they might give you some ideas on how to style your Sugarscarf shawl or hijab.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's shop for Hari Raya clothes at Zalora Malaysia, but make sure you shop Sugarscarf brand, okay?! On Hari Raya, you'll look fame and beautiful like Cinderella when you wear Sugarscarf shawl/ hijab and every eyes will be focused on you. Insya Allah~



  1. I never shopped at zalora before and I'm always skeptical when it comes branded hijabs but Sugarscarf looks promising tho~

    1. Fai unnie, you should shopping at Zalora. You can do COD if you're too lazy to bank-in money. Hehe :p

  2. it have a beautiful color, love it! ;)