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Thursday, February 11, 2016

#projectjournal: Weeks in January

Assalamualaikum and hello guys!

It's February and it means that I have being senior in school for a month. Hahahaha! I've experienced a lot of things in this first month of year 2016. One of the experiences is teachers gave many posts for me such as school prefect, president of PBSM, committee of form six club and many more.

Sometimes I felt that these posts were burden me. Because this year I'm in senior year and I have two semesters left (semester 2 & semester 3) that packed with assignments, field works, homeworks and other responsibilities as a student of form six. So I'm worried if I can't fulfill the tasks that teacher gave to me.

But teachers and my friends still trust me. They believe that I can be a good leader and at the same time as a student who can completing task (It makes me relieved when I know that I have people who trust me and always be there when I need them).

So far, I really had toughest weeks in January since I am too busy with kerja kursus for STPM. I need to complete three kerja kursus for this semester (Pengajian Am, Sejarah and Bahasa Melayu). Nowadays I rarely wasting my time by watching television. I only stayed in my room and completing a ton of assignments (what a bored life that I have tbvh!). Hahahahaha ._.

p/s: I wrote this entry by using my phone because google chrome and mozilla firefox in my laptop gave me shits! I am so excited because I managed to update my blog by using phone. Lol.

Sorry for the broken English.


  1. Is that book belongs to you? Wah kreatifnya! Teringin jugak nak ada tangan art, buat apa je semua lawa. T^T

    1. Hehehe. Saya cuba utk decorate buku tu supaya jadi lawoo even takde la lawa mana pun. Hahaha :p

  2. boleh tak buat post lagi pasal buku tu? haha lawa siot. nak jugak tgk :P
    btw,goodluck dgn kerja kursus awk. trust me,kk sejarah & PA mmg bikin stress berbanding dgn kk yg lain.

  3. so neat! i got carried away playing around with washis and stickers that i would eventually dump everything on the paper haha~ that's cool that you can update via your mobile.. is it via web or via the apps?