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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Memories: 04/06

Assalamualaikum and hello!

I don't know why lately I keep posting food photos. Yay, I know food porn is illegal! Lol. 

For lunch today I ate grilled chicken chop with mushroom soup and watermelon juice. Whereas my friend ordered fried chicken chop with mushroom soup and apple juice. She treats me. Thank you, pal! Since she treats me lunch so I treated her with Chatime. Lol. Will recommend you guys to eat at Orchid Bistro, AEON Station 18, Perak. Because their foods are superb delicious! And of course with affordable price.

While waiting for our orders, we chatting and I showed her my 'scripts'. Lol. Scripts. Yeah, one of my dreams is to be a writer. So right now I am working hard to write good scripts so I can publish my book in the future. Lol. Insha Allah. I will try my best to write good and useful scripts.

This is out of topic. Did you ever experienced, you helping someone with sincere heart but he/ she didn't appreciate your help? What's you feel?

 Our foods.


Currently reading Catatan Matluthfi book while having Hazelnut Chocolate with pearls. Matluthfi forever my favourite vlogger!



  1. oh, sedapnya!!

  2. menciklah letak gambar makanan tu. buat org lapar je T__T

  3. aaahhh sedapnyaaaa , terliur tengok ayam tuuu. Nasib baik bukak waktu malam, bukan waktu sesiang tengah pose. HAHAHA