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Monday, May 11, 2015

Travel: Hatyai, Thailand (Day 3 & Day 4)

Assalamualaikum and hello guys!

Okay, this will be the last entry for my journey to Krabi and Hatyai last week. I will combine day 3 and day 4 in this entry.

Day 3. After we had breakfast in hotel in Ao Nang beach, we check out from that hotel because we will heading to Hatyai. On the way to Hatyai, we stopped by at Emerald Pool or mostly known as Sa Morakot. Spending time about an hour at there.

Emerald Pool are so beautiful. You can see the water clear like crystal and the water seems like greenish-emerald. It just woaw and it really amazed me! Again, indeed Allah's creations are amazing! 

You need to walking before you arrived at Emerald Pool. I mean the real pool! It took about 20 minutes walking and it's quite tiring. But once you arrived and get to see the crystal clear pool, you'll feel relieved. 

After that, we continue our journey to Hatyai. This time we stopped at . . . . . .  (I forgot what does the place name is) to buy some souvenirs and we also had our lunch at there. We heading to Chang Puak Camp, it's an elephant sanctuary. Unfortunately once I arrived there, my digital camera having a critical battery low and luckily I bring my film camera. I still don't develop the film, so no photos at Chang Puak Camp and Floating Market in Hatyai. 

We do elephant trekking at Chang Puak Camp. And elephant that I ride named as Abeng and she is a female. She aged 15 years old. After that we heading to Floating Market in Hatyai. We had dinner at there and I get an opportunity to try their unique ice-cream. It much unique compared to Sang Kaya Malaysia. They serving an ice-cream in ceramic pot and that ice-cream is home made and it flavors coconut. It so delicious! Last place we visited on that night is Cashew Factory. We shop cashew nuts at there as souvenirs for family. 

Since it's already midnight, we check in to our hotel. Our hotel in Hatyai is located at the heart of the city. In front of my hotel is a shopping complex. LOL.

Day 4. Ready to went home to Malaysia. Woke up early and shopping for the last time before we check out from hotel. After we check out from hotel, we heading to Nora Plaza to shop leather bags, shoes and so on. Then we finally arrived at Thailand-Malaysia immigration gate. We safely arrived in Perak on Monday midnight. Alhamdulillah.

I feel so happy because I get this kind of opportunities to discover new place. Thousandth thanks to my aunt who brought me to Krabi. May Allah bless you, aunt. I wish I could explore another places so I can learn about other different cultures and lifestyles. 

Life doesn't always has happy ending but happy ending always exist if you face the obstacles before you achieve the happy ending. So, enjoy some photos that I've captured. 

Coke ice-cream.

Welcome to Emerald Pool!

Crystal clear water.

Thailandese kid.

Tuk-tuk in Hatyai.

Having breakfast on last day in Hatyai at Salma Restaurant.

In front of my hotel in Hatyai.

Welcome to Nora Plaza!

Thailand-Malaysia immigration gate. Goodbye Thailand~!

That's it. 

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