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Monday, May 11, 2015

Travel: Krabi, Thailand (Day 2)

Assalamualaikum and hello guys!

Right now I am typing this entry while watching Korean drama, Marriage Not Dating. I love to watch that drama because the storyline is cute! 

Day 2. After we had breakfast, our tour guide bring us to Ao Nang beach by riding tuk-tuk. Because of our hotel and beach is near, so our journey to Ao Nang beach just took less than five minutes. Once we arrived to beach, we met with Haroon Joe who is in charge on bringing us to visit the 4 islands in Krabi. He can spoke Malay but not-so-fluently and when he speaking in Malay I can't stop from laughing!

Our first destination is Phra Nang Cave & Beach. Phra Nang means princess in Thailand and that cave has their own history. Google it if you want to discover more about their history. After that we went to Tup Island. About an hour we spent time in Tup Island. We went to next island which is Chicken Island or mostly known as Koh Kai Island. At Chicken Island, I could experienced snorkeling there! For someone who has had amazing snorkeling experiences before, the varieties you get to see here can be a little disappointing. But for snorkeling novices (like me) it can be a memorable experience nonetheless. We went to the last island which is Poda Island. Poda means turtle. We had a lunch at there. We spent about two hours in Poda Island. 

I can't stop saying "Subhanallah" because the view of the four islands are so beautiful and breath-taking and I don't know how to express my happiness when I could see that kind of view of nature. The view of layered color of sea still remains in my mind. Indeed Allah's creations are totally perfect and amazing! 

On evening we went back to our hotel because on the night we need to go somewhere. On night day, we went to night market in Krabi. It took about 30 minutes from our hotel. I shop some souvenirs for friends and family. Then, we had our dinner there. I try their fruit smoothie juice and it so delicious! 

All of us are so exhausted and tired since all day long we spent time in islands. We sun-bathing, snorkeling and swimming there, so once we arrived to our hotel after shopping in night market, we immediately sleep because tomorrow will be another tiring day.

Will continue on next entry. So, do enjoy some photos that I've captured! 

Waiting for my turn to ride tuk-tuk.

Ao Nang beach.

Haroon Joe, our islands-tour-guide.

Boat which bringing us to all four islands.

I just love to see how green-emerald the color of sea is.

Phra Nang island.


Phra Nang cave.

English man. He even showed me his "peace/ V" sign when I took his picture.

In Phra Nang cave.

You can do climbing activity at Phra Nang cave.

Chicken Island. 

Some fish in the sea. Chicken Island.

Tup Island.

Welcome to Tup Island!

Tup Island.

Tup Island.

Had lunch in Tup Island.

Breathtaking view of Poda Island.

Poda Island.

Welcome to Poda Island!

Some corals.

Ao Nang beach.

On the way, we went back to hotel, we stopped by at 7-Eleven and I saw someone selling hot pancake with Nutella. So this is pancake with Nutella.

Shop that sell souvenirs.

All of the souvenirs that they sell are made by Thai artists! They are so creative.

Hand-made cute notebooks!

Night market in Krabi.

Fruit smoothies juice. Mine is strawberry smoothie.

They even sell ceramics in night market!



  1. Replies
    1. Krabi memang cantik~ Sesungguhnya ciptaan Allah memang sempurna dan lawa-lawa belaka :D

  2. waaa....kite mmg plan nk g next year nnt leh la tnya kat raihana

    1. Boleh je kalau nak tanya apa-apa, Insha Allah kalau boleh saya bantu, saya bantu :)

  3. dah lama teringin nak pi sana.. hmm hmm

  4. Bestnya...teringin nk pg...